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COVID-19 Response Plan

A message from Thrive
Hi Thrive Family,

It is understandably an uncertain and anxious time in our world today with the spread of Covid-19. How bad will this situation get? How far will it spread?

The reality is, we don't know. We are doing the best we can for the safety of our community and the wider community of Australia, which means there will likely be changes to our Sunday gatherings. But understand whatever happens, we must hold fast to the Lord. This is the time for the Church to stand up.

The Church is not a place but the people. So as a people let us stand up and instead of spreading panic, let's spread pre-caution.

Instead of spreading the cough, let's spread Christ.

Instead of spreading harm, let's spread hope.

Let's remember to serve and look out for the elderly and vulnerable at this time. Please look to our social media posts and website to keep you updated on any changes.

James Banh
Pastor Thrive Ministries
Thrive Response Plan
We are making the below changes at Thrive so we can best help our community and Australia manage the Coronavirus. This will enable us to better assist others, protect vulnerable people and prevent overburdening the community and healthcare system.
    We Are Moving Online
    To facilitate social distancing and conform with new government regulations, all services are now online only. You can join our services as we go live via our Facebook page from Sunday March 22nd onwards.
    New Sunday Service Times at 5.15pm
    With the government restriction of people gathering internally and the Vietnamese congregation continuing to meet, we are moving our service times to 5:15pm
    Compass (Youth Group) Online Only
    All Compass gatherings and events are being held via online methods. For more info please contact Joey (0403 893 333)
    Small Groups Online
    We are keeping all small group meet ups but they will be online. Contact your leader to know the details of your catch up. If you don't have a small group register your interest here.
    Online Giving Only
    As always you can still give to the church online.
    Stay at home if
    • You are are experiencing any cold symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, sore throat, etc.)
    • Have been in contact with a confirmed case or someone travelling from overseas
    • Travelled overseas in the past 14 days
    Use Precautions
    • Use good personal hand hygiene
    • Wash hands before and after eating
    • Cover sneezes and coughs with elbows
    • Social distancing
    • Restrict physical contact
    • Regularly disinfect high-tough surfaces
    If you are in isolation or diagnosed please notify either of the following:
    • Your leader
    • Pastor James (0424 405 936)
    • Pastor Hung (0413 271 552) or
    • Contact Us
    Please visit the following sites for more information and updates: