Meet The Thrive Leadership Team
James Banh
Founder & Lead Pastor
James is the Pastor at Thrive, he studied at the former Adelaide College of Ministries and Bible college of South Australia. He loves leading people to know God and be changed by the good news of what Jesus has done. When he's not hanging out with his wife Hien and two girls Olivia and Elowyn at the playground, he's reading books.
Hung Nguyen
Head Pastor of VECA
Pastor Hung has been serving as a senior pastor with VECA since 1994. He is passionate about everyday ordinary people coming to Christ and helping their spiritual life grow with the support of the community. When he is not being a dad to his four children, you'll find him catching up on the soccer highlights or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

  • Kimberly Banh
    Worship Director
    Kimberly has a passion to see people transformed by the Word through song. Her next biggest passion is being transformed by KFC.
  • Robert Lam
    Youth Leader & MC
    Robert hopes Thrive Ministries is a place for people to be healed and transformed by God's loving grace. Robert enjoys food and sports.
  • Christian
    Media Director
    Christian loves photography and enjoys seeing how God uses us broken people to build his kingdom. When he isn't with his wife Anne, or daughter Lottie, he is deepening his affinity with carbohydrates.
  • Joanne Nguyen
    Youth Group Coordinator
    Joanne loves working with young people and has a passion to see them know Christ and grow in love for Him. She is also a fierce board game competitor.
  • Aaron Walters
    Building Team Leader
    Aaron is a handyman at heart and loves building His kingdom, literally. If he isn't at Bunnings he is on the soccer pitch.
  • Stanley Tran
    PA Lead
    Stanley and his team work to enhance every aspect of services through the use of video, sound, and lighting. His priority is the seamless running of each service so that everyone can focus solely on worship and learning the Word of God.
  • Jenny Tran
    Coffee Extrodonaire
    Jenny enjoys meeting and talking to new people. She loves to create an atmosphere where everyone can talk about Christ over a cup of coffee.
  • Joanne Lam
    Small Groups Coordinator
    Joanne is passionate about helping people grow in their relationship with others and God. She and her husband enjoy watching movies and cooking.