What's happening at Thrive
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Last Sunday, the Christianity 101 series explored the foundations of the faith with the message "Knowing God Personally" and highlighted that Christianity is not just a religion, but a relationship.
This Sunday we celebrate our official launch as Thrive Ministries. We owe a great deal of thanks to the amazing work and selfless sacrifice of so many people to make this launch and this ministry possible. Looking forward to see what good works God has in store for this ministry.
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Pastor James takes the opportunity this week to reflect on one of the ways God blesses his children and how it took the supreme sacrifice of His Son in order to do it.
We thank Pastor Hung Nguyen and Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. In a powerful tag-team service, our pastors brought the Holy Spirit into our congregation by glorifying God's love for us; a love that empowers us with divine purpose.
We thank Pastor David Weng for the the good news this week. Pastor David takes the opportunity this week to share with us the roles the Holy Spirit plays in Christian life. As Christians, we believe our God manifests in three aspects: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (also known as the Word). The Gospel of John relates to us what Jesus teaches us about the Holy Spirit.
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Concluding Pastor James' series of Living to Love, we are exposed to a third component of the lifelong journey of discipleship: Living to Build. With the foundation of love, supported by the scaffolding of growth, we build in order to establish in the world a "Kingdom of God". What we build is not just physical things. As it is written in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them".
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Continuing the build up to the official launch of Thrive Ministries, Pastor James highlights another pillar for healthy Christian life: spiritual growth.
We thank Pastor James Banh for the amazingly good news this week. After many years germinating and growing in the fertile garden of our Vietnamese Evangelical Church, the English Service is blossoming into Thrive Ministries this year. Over the last four years, the seed of Thrive Ministries burst into the world, growing, developing and being nourished by the Holy Spirit to love the Lord and reach into our hearts to help us all become disciples of Christ.
Happy Lunar New Year, called Tet in Vietnamese. As with the Western New Year, it is a time to wish for the best for ourselves and others. It is also an opportunity to make resolutions again! How did we go with our last ones from January 1?
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Continuing his theme of practical guidance for developing good habits of discipleship, Pastor James lays out one of the huge challenges that inserts itself between us and our Lord: making time and energy and space for the Lord to be in our lives.
We thank Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. Filled with energy and the Spirit, Pastor James builds on Pastor David Weng's concept of being good disciples from last week with a practical lesson on how we can work on this. Quoting Justin Whitmel Early "Habits form who we are, because habits are little liturgies of worship", Pastor James notes that the biggest changes we see in our lives come from the little habits we do every day. Developing a habit of seeking God's presence is a profoundly valuable and profitable thing to do in our journey of discipleship.
We welcome back Pastor David Weng for this week's good news. Continuing with his practical advice for Christians living a fruitful life in Jesus, he guides us through bible passages where God has told us how to do this. In this lesson we are taught that God commands us to be disciples.
We thank Pastor Les Crawford for the good news this week. It is a new year but it's already starting to get old! Paster Les gives us a few tips as we start to work through the gears and girt our loins for what is to come. His experience is evident in the way he can share God's word as the seasons turn.
We thank Pastor David Weng for this week's good news. So it is a new year and we often take this opportunity to put the old year away and prepare for what is to come.
We thank Pastor Hung Nguyen for this week's good news: Love came down on Christmas Day. Setting the scene for today's service, Pastor Hung shared with us the origins of the song "O Holy Night". A drunken French poet and his Jewish composer friend gifted the world a beautiful homage to the coming of Christ the Saviour. The church, upon discovery of the identity of the creators, banned the song. It was only later, after having been translated into English by a pastor from the United States that it was realised a secret of the love of the Lord. The fact is that the Lord loves we sinners so much that any of us can be used to share the Word. The song shares with us the divine night that God became man because of his love for us.
This week we had a special Christmas service with many friends and family joining us to sing carols and be reminded of what Christmas is all about. Pastor James reminded us that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but one of the most difficult tasks is finding people the right present!
Thanks to Pastor James Banh for the good news this week. He was able to enlighten us (pun intended) on what the significance is of Christmas lights.
We thank Pastor Alan Bailey for the good news in the lead up to Christmas. Using paint brushes and paper he reminded us that a great gift is precious, suitable and accessible. How great a gift is Jesus Christ to us. Thank the Lord.